Why does health seem to take a backseat to everything else in our lives, when in order to accomplish most of the priorities we are so adamantly pursuing, it is vitally important?

Almost daily I make a mental note of this and vow to make a change.

Then I begin to stress about all the nagging issues in my life.

neglect sleep and exercise.  Food decisions are made along these lines:  A salad sounds way less appealing than that box of chocolate.  And now that I’ve eaten the comforting food, there’s no way I feel like attacking that new training regime.

How will I ever get rid of these dark circles????

Our mental health is an integral part of this puzzle; one that must be factored in.  After all, what’s making all these bad decisions?  Our brain ~ the organ that needs good food, fresh air, sleep and exercise in order to perform at an optimal range.

We go to the gym to work our muscles.  We go to the spa to pamper our skin.  We go to the beach to breathe fresh air into our lungs.  We go to the market to buy organic food to feed our organs.  We go to sleep to refuel our the vessel.  And we go to the computer to stimulate our brain?  No wonder it’s starving for attention.

I believe it’s fine time to redesign a faulty equation.

My new life contract shall be the following:

  1.  Upon waking, eat a protein-rich breakfast — followed by healthy choices the rest of the day.  Always drink more water!
  2.  Train / exercise / move my body at a level most would find extreme.
  3.  Work on something toward advancing your career / livelihood.
  4.  Read something more interesting than Facebook posts or online dating profiles.
  5.  Write something inspiring.
  6.  Challenge your right brain with a creative endeavor.
  7.  Go to bed at a reasonable hour in order to get quality sleep.
  8.  If a remark is said about anyone or anything, make sure it is positive and uplifting.
  9.  Spend less money.
  10.  Pay attention to the small things and be filled with gratitude every morning and every night.

Always a work in progress, I find putting pen to paper and literally writing down my goals makes me accountable.  Bringing focus to the task at hand, I am less likely to be distracted by pretty, shiny things (my phone, my computer, an oiled-up hunk on a new Ducati . . . damn, “Squirrel!” . . . what was I saying?).

What’s your current life contract look like?  Does it need to be redesigned?

High time you got to it.



*Now for the visual part of our program . . .

engineering marvels . . .
nature’s beauty . . .
stunning art . . .
books for brain stimulation . . .
words . . .
stories . . .
and good food.